2020 Accident Insurance with Aflac

Receive a cash benefit if you have an accident.

The Aflac accident plan offers coverage for accidents, injuries, ambulance services, and accidental death and pays in addition to your primary medical insurance. It’s also available to your spouse and children – so it’s a plan that can protect your whole family.

The reality is, accidents do happen and most occur close to home — not at work. Your child's adventures with tree climbing or skateboarding might land them in the hospital emergency room. You may injure your back cleaning out the gutters and find you need surgery. Ask yourself, are you prepared for the extra expenses that result from a sudden accident?

Your health insurance only goes so far. Aflac's affordable accident plan can help your family cover these out-of-pocket expenses.

Accident coverage provides you with valuable benefits

Accident Medical Expense: pays actual charges, up to $1,500 for physician’s treatment or other emergency treatment
Pays benefits directly to you, in addition to any other coverage you may have
Ambulance Benefit: pays actual charges, up to $750, for ground ambulance service and emergency air transportation within 100-mile radius
Hospital Confinement: pays a daily benefit of $225 for hospital room charge for a maximum of 30 days when the injury is a result of a covered accident
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefits paid for loss of: Life amount is $15,000 and Dismemberment is up to $15,000 

Accident Rates

Here are the weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly rates for Aflac accident coverage:

Accident Rates 2013 2

Additional Information

Accident Plan - Aflac Website

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For questions, contact the BSC or Aflac

Benefits Service Center (BSC) | 1-866-481-4922

Aflac |  1-800-433-3036

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