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2022 Benefits Open Enrollment is
October 18-29, 2021

Mohawk continues to offer you benefits to bring you one step closer to better health and our vision of the healthiest and safest population. Because we are all in this together, we offer employees a good benefits program to help you take care of yourself and your family. We care about your health and well-being and want you to have the tools, resources, support and benefit options you need.

Please take a few minutes to review your benefit options and see which ones work best for you and your family. Our 2022 Open Enrollment period is Oct. 18-29, 2021.

Everyone’s needs are different, it’s up to you to choose the benefits that best meet your needs. Open Enrollment is your opportunity to enroll in health, dental, vision, accident and critical illness coverage or make changes to the coverage you already have.

Some benefits are company-paid, such as basic life insurance, accident, death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance, and short-term disability. It’s also the time to set aside pretax money for your eligible medical expenses with the health savings account (HSA) or healthcare flexible spending account (FSA).

2 Ways to Enroll

We offer two easy, convenient ways to enroll in your benefits, online through Employee Central or by calling our Benefits Service Center.

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New for 2022

Health Plans

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Copay health plan option for 2022. This option gives you the same high-quality providers as the HSA plan with higher premiums but lower deductibles.

For 2022, the Choice Fund HSA premiums will increase, and deductibles will increase slightly.

The Company’s contributions to employee’s health savings account (HSA) remains the same for employee only and employee plus spouse or employee plus children. Company Contributions for family will be slightly lower.

If you switch from the HSA plan to the Copay plan, you are not able to participate in a health savings account, but you can choose to enroll in the healthcare flexible spending account (FSA).


Pharmacy is included when you elect medical coverage. Express Scripts remains our pharmacy vendor. The formulary with Express Scripts can change yearly. To avoid paying full price, please log into express-scripts.com/covered to review the 2022 formulary to ensure medications are covered.

Beginning, January 1, 2022, all health plans will have a $25 copay for brand diabetic preventative medications. Please note, this does not apply to supplies. Many other eligible preventative medications will remain at no cost.

Accident and Critical Illness

Accident and Critical Illness insurance are moving to MetLife with the same rates! Accident insurance has some policy changes and enhancements. Critical Illness has some enhancements and additional covered conditions. See plan pages for details.

If you are currently enrolled in Critical Illness or Accident Insurance, you will automatically be covered under the MetLife plan, January 1, 2022 without having to take any action.

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Important Reminders About Open Enrollment

  • If you do not make any elections, your current 2021 Medical Plan and HSA plan contributions will continue for 2022.
  • Participants in the FSA plan (dependent care or healthcare) must re-enroll each year.
  • Employees enrolled in the NEW Copay Plan, employees age 65 and older and employees not enrolled in a high deductible health plan may participate in the FSA. You can enroll in the healthcare FSA even if you DO NOT enroll in Mohawk’s healthcare coverage.
  • Make sure you have the names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth for you and your dependents.
  • If you enroll a spouse in the Company Medical Plan, they will be included in a spousal audit for other medical coverage.
  • If your spouse’s company offers insurance and you elect to cover them on Mohawk’s Medical Plan, you will pay an additional $125 per month in medical contributions.
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Click the "Benefits 2022" menu at the top or above right for all 2022 plan details.

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Other 2022 Benefit Highlights

Dental and Vision

We are pleased to announce dental and vision rates remain the same for the third year in a row! See plan pages for details.

Mycigna.com and myCigna app

Do you have your account set up at mycigna.com? If not, register today to access many resources available from Cigna as a Mohawk health plan member. Need a copy of our health plan ID card? Go to mycigna.com to print a copy or take a photo. You can also see a list of your claims and the status. Looking for an in-network provider? You can find a complete list at mycigna.com, as well as cost estimates for various procedures. Don’t forget that you can review your health savings account (HSA) information, including balance, contributions, and withdrawals.

Already have an account? Log in and see what is new!

myCigna app

The myCigna app is an excellent on-the-go resource. Through the myCigna app, you have access to your health information. Get easy access for your ID card, claims, HSA account balance, provider search, and more. Get now at the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store.

Participants with Flexible Spending Accounts Must Re-Enroll Each Year

If you are currently enrolled in the healthcare or dependent care flexible spending account and wish to have either again in 2022, you must re-enroll during Open Enrollment and designate your annual election amount.  You may elect the healthcare or dependent care FSA even if you do not enroll in a medical plan. Please note, per IRS guidelines, you are not eligible to enroll in the healthcare FSA if you are enrolled in the health savings account (HSA).  You may contribute the maximum amount allowed by the IRS.

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Your Healthy Life Care Teams
Our Healthy Life Centers continue to expand services to offer innovative ways to connect with all members of the Company health plan. We recently introduced Care Teams—each employee and their dependents have a special team of dedicated professionals ready to help you. Your Healthy Life Care Team may reach out to you and your dependents periodically throughout the year or you can reach out to them via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Zip Code Search 

Use the ZIP code search feature below to see which plan(s) you're eligible for in 2022.

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2022 Medical Rates 
Medical icon sm  HSA NWGA, LP, OAP RATES


Medical icon sm HSA LP PREMIUM RATES


Medical icon sm COPAY RATES

OAP LP Copay Rates1

For more details about all our medical plans, click on the Medical Menu under "Benefits 2022" above or on the right.

Medical Plan Surcharges

New enrollees to the company medical plan will be required to complete a biometric screening within 60 days of your benefit effective date to avoid a wellness surcharge. For additional details, visit the Biometrics and Health Coaching page.

Based on results, employees and/or covered spouses may be required to complete face-to-face, telephonic or online health coaching. Employees and covered spouses who choose not to work with a Healthy Life Team Navigator (HLN), do not make contact with their HLN or do not complete biometrics testing, will be charged an additional $28.85 per week or $125 per month as a surcharge on top of your medical plan premium.

If you enroll a spouse in the Company Medical Plan, they will be included in a spousal audit for other medical coverage. If your spouse’s employer offers insurance and you elect to cover him/her on Mohawk’s Medical Plan, you will pay an additional $125 per month in medical contributions.

*New hires and those new to the medical plan as a result of a Qualifying Life Event, please visit the Biometrics and Health Coaching page for details.

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Other Benefits Available to You

As a Mohawk employee, you are eligible for a slate of additional benefits and employee discounts that can help you save money. They include:

  • Critical Illness insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement
  • Mohawk Products
  • Accident coverage
  • 529 College bound savings plan
  • Discounts on cell phone plans, travel
  • Auto/Home insurance
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Computer discounts

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If you have questions about your benefits or enrolling, call the Benefits Service Center and speak with a Benefits Specialist at 1-866-481-4922.

  • Before Open Enrollment begins:  Monday - Thursday from 8 am - 6 pm ET, Friday from 8 am - 5 pm ET.
  • During the Enrollment period:  Monday - Friday from 8 am - 8 pm ET - except Friday, October 29 when Open Enrollment closes at 6 pm ET.



If you switch from the HSA plan to the Copay plan, you are not able to participate in a health savings account, but you can choose to enroll in the healthcare flexible spending account (FSA).


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