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  • Active Health Plan participants, their covered spouses and covered dependents over the age of 2 may seek care at most Healthy Life Centers (HLCs). Services include: Acute Care ($20.00 fee payable at the time of service.) | Adult Physicals, including women’s yearly exams | Preventive Screenings | Urgent Care and minor illness treatment (such as colds, flu, etc.) | Management for chronic conditions such as Diabetes and High Blood Pressure | Sample Medications available at most locations at no cost | Pediatric Care-ages 2 and up for non-emergency acute care | Routine Adult Vaccinations-No pediatric vaccinations | Routine Blood Work-Results sent to ordering Physician | Care Coordination-for referrals, procedures and screenings | And More! What are the benefits of going to a Healthy Life Center? Click here to find out.
    To schedule an appointment, text or call the HLC scheduling line (877-365-0051).

    Directions to Corporate Campus Healthy Life Center

  • Virtual Medicine is the delivery of health-related consultation via a secure kiosk or mobile device. It works like Skype or FaceTime applications. It uses a tabletop Amwell Kiosk to allow for medical equipment to be used during the visit and to connect to a provider located at an existing Healthy Life Center. The services included are the same as the Healthy Life Center except Pediatric Care is for ages 6 and up for non-emergency acute care and does not provide: Adult Physicals, including women’s yearly exams and Preventive Screenings.

    To learn more about the Virtual Healthy Life Center please see this Video
    To schedule an appointment, text or call the HLC scheduling line (877-365-0051).

  • Nearsite are visits at a local physician partner of the Healthy Life Center that offer the same services as at the Healthy Life Center. For a Referral to the Nearsite location text or call the HLC Scheduling Line (877-365-0051). Care Coordination is with the local HLC. Diagnostic studies billable through the Cigna Insurance (Not part of HLC services). Acute Charges are $20 visit. No payment is accepted at time of the visit.

  • Healthy Life Navigators offer support to guide and motivate members to make healthy lifestyle changes. Making lifestyle adjustments is hard on your own, but it’s easier with support. At Mohawk, you don’t have to face your wellness journey alone. They will work with you or your spouse to set a personal health goal, and they will give you the tools to achieve or make progress toward that goal. Healthy Life Navigators build an essential foundation for self-management to help you to continue to use the right tools, behaviors, and resources in day-to-day life. Remember, making small changes makes a big difference over time.

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    Did you know you have a team of qualified medical professionals dedicate to you and your family members? They will guide you through your health journey with the tools you need to be an active participant in your care. Care Teams consist of medical providers, a Healthy Life Navigator, a case manager, referral coordinator, YourChoice Advocate, registered dieticians, behavioral health support and so much more! Below are a few of our care team members.

  • Annual DOT physicals are available at these Healthy Life Center locations. To schedule an appointment, text or call the HLC scheduling line (877-365-0051).

    Georgia:  Antioch, Lyerly, Miles DVD, Sugar Valley, Union Grove, CAD  | Virginia: Glasgow  | Texas: Dallas, Sunnyvale

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