2018 My Medical Neighborhood Plan

Mohawk’s benefits are here to help you make the right choices for you and your family. That’s why we offer so many resources to help you stay healthy and happy - from helping you budget for health care expenses through an HSA or FSA, to providing innovative telemedicine access with Amwell and our virtual Healthy Life Centers, to delivering resources to help you live better and spend less.

We believe prevention plays a vital role in health care. To catch problems early, we encourage you to get preventive screenings and annual checkups. Don’t forget—your in-network preventive care is 100% covered! It’s never too late to start your journey to become a healthier you. Your good health is important–to you and your family.

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What to Know for 2018

Medical NeighborhoodMy Medical Neighborhood remains the plan for employees living in selected ZIP codes in northwest Georgia/Chattanooga. We have some exciting things taking place in the Neighborhood for 2018! Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, Employers’ Health Network takes on the role of our network administrator, replacing Cigna. WebTPA becomes our claims processor and customer service contact.

The Neighborhood services have expanded to include all specialties, not just the 13. We now have a simplified provider network—providers are either in-network and out-of-network. This way all providers in the Neighborhood work together to help members get better sooner.

Please note, My Medical Neighborhood Plan has been refined. The following counties in NW Georgia - Cherokee, Cobb, Paulding, and Polk - are now part of the Cigna OAP plan. Click here for 2018 Cigna OAP plan details.

If you or your dependents seek health care outside the Neighborhood area, then Aetna will apply to those health care expenses.

As always, we encourage you to confirm your doctor(s) are in the Neighborhood for 2018. To find a provider or hospital in the Neighborhood:

Express Scripts remains our pharmacy vendor and HSA Bank continues to work with our health savings account program. Watch for new medical cards, complete with pharmacy information included (no pharmacy card needed) and all the phone numbers and contact information you need. Members with health savings accounts will receive replacement debit cards from HSA Bank in December.

Our Healthy Life Centers and Healthy Life Team continue to be with Cigna Onsite and will continue to provide quality health care with the convenience of onsite. We have expanded services to include on site Physical Therapy at our Green Street and Miles DVD locations.


Pharmacy is included when you elect medical coverage. The formulary with Express Scripts can change yearly. To avoid paying full price, please check visit express-scripts.com to review the 2018 formulary to ensure medications are covered.

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Plan Overview

The medical plan uses Employers’ Health Network of medical providers and combines traditional medical coverage with an optional tax-free savings account with HSA Bank, called a Health Savings Account (HSA). It's designed to encourage you to focus on being a smart health care consumer.  The HSA can help pay for health care expenses not paid by your medical plan now and in the future.
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  • NO REFERRALS - Choose the doctors you want to see – no referral required to see a specialist.
  • DEDUCTIBLE -You pay 100% of your health care expenses until you meet your annual deductible. This includes physician office visits and prescription drugs. See deductible amounts below.
  • COST SHARING - After meeting your annual deductible, you share the cost of health care expenses by paying co-insurance (a percentage of the total office visit cost).
  • PREVENTIVE CARE - In-network routine preventive care and qualifying preventive prescriptions are covered at 100%.
  • ALLOWANCE MAXIMUMS - Note that there are allowance maximums for preventive mammogram ($225), preventive mammogram-3D ($285), preventive colonoscopies ($2,250), all MRIs ($2,300 after deductible is met), and CT Scans ($2,000 after deductible is met). See details.
  • OUT-OF-POCKET MAXIMUM ALLOWANCE - The most a plan member will pay per year for covered health expenses before the plan pays 100% of covered health expenses for the rest of that year.
    > In-Network  - Employee Only - $5,000; Family - $13,000
    >Out of Network  - Employee Only - none; Family - none
  • PRESCRIPTION - Qualifying Walmart prescriptions ($4 List) are covered at 100% after meeting your deductible.
  • MEDICARE - If you are covered under Medicare, you are eligible to participate in the Company Medical Plan, however, you are not eligible to own an HSA Account per IRS guidelines.
  • HSA ELIGIBILITY - Per IRS rules, you must be enrolled in the Company's Medical Plan to have an HSA account; have no other health coverage; not be enrolled in Medicare; and cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else's tax return.

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Medical Plan Details

Employees living in the selected ZIP codes in the northwest Georgia/Chattanooga area will continue to be a part of the My Medical Neighborhood plan. The Neighborhood includes a select group of providers with access to high-quality, affordable health care. If you or your dependents seek health care outside the Neighborhood area, then Aetna will apply to those health care expenses.  As always, important preventative health care screenings and procedures are available at no cost to you, and the Company will continue its contributions to employee Health Saving Accounts (HSA). Please note in-network and out-of-network deductibles are all separate and do not crossover. To find a provider and additional detail, visit mymohawkneighborhood.com.


EE Only:  In-Network - $1,650 | Out-of-Network - $3,300
EE+SP, EE+CH, Family:  In-Network - $3,300 | Out-of-Network - $6,600


In-Network - 80% after deductible
Out-of-Network - 50% after deductible


EE Only: - In-Network - $5,000 | Out-of-Network - None
Family: - In-Network - $13,000 | Out-of-Network - None

Medical Plan Rates

medical icon sm My Medical Neighborhood Plan

Medical semi monthy monthly and weekly rates

*For coverage, Spouse also refers to Common Law

pdf button Premium Assistance Under Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Medical Plan Surcharges

Medical plan participants and their covered spouses were required to complete biometrics in February, March or April 2018. That screening will assess your body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, and fasting and non-fasting blood sugar levels. Based on results, you may be required to work with a health coach or participate in online LMS health coaching to set personal health goals.  Employees and covered spouses who choose not to work with a health coach, do not make contact with their coach or do not complete biometrics testing, will be charged an additional $28.85 per week or $125 per month as a surcharge on top of your medical plan premium. New enrollees to company medical plan will be required to complete a biometric screening within 60 days of your benefit effective date to avoid a wellness surcharge. For additional details, visit the Biometrics and Health Coaching page.

If you enroll a spouse in the Company Medical Plan, they will be included in a spousal audit for other medical coverage. If your spouse’s employer offers insurance and you elect to cover him/her on Mohawk’s Medical Plan, you will pay an additional $125 per month in medical contributions.

*New hires and those new to the medical plan as a result of a Qualifying Life Event, please visit the Biometrics & Coaching page for details.


The information below outlines ways in which medical surcharges will be applied. Keep in mind, the maximum surcharge is $57.70 per week or $250 per month in addition to your Medical plan contribution.

  • $28.85/wk or $125/mo:  If covered Employee does not complete a Biometric Screening when notified.
  • $28.85/wk or $125/mo:  If covered Spouse* does not complete a Biometric Screening when notified.
  • $28.85/wk or $125/mo:  If covered Employee requires Coaching based on biometric screening results and refuses to work with a health coach.
  • $28.85/wk or $125/mo:  If covered Spouse* requires Coaching based on biometric screening results and refuses to work with a health coach.
  • $28.85/wk or $125/mo:  If Spouse* enrolls in the Mohawk Medical plan and has access to other group medical coverage through their employer.

*For coverage, Spouse also refers to Common Law.

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How the Medical Plan and HSA Work


Your HSA

  • Elect the Health Savings Account (HSA) during the medical enrollment process.
  • You can contribute pre-tax dollars to a Health Savings Account (HSA).
  • In order to receive the Company's HSA contribution, you must contribute to your account, up to the current 2018 federal limit (See “HSA Contributions” section below).
  • It’s your choice how and when to use the money – use it to pay for your qualified medical, dental, or vision expenses, or save it for future needs.
  • The HSA dollars you use go toward paying your annual deductible.
  • Whatever you don’t use in 2018 earns interest and rolls over to 2019.

Your Deductible

  • With the plan, you’ll pay an annual deductible before your health plan begins to pay for eligible expenses. A deductible is the amount of money that you’ll be required to pay before your plan starts paying benefits.
  • You can meet your deductible by using your HSA dollars, your own money or both.
  • Only services covered by your health plan count toward your deductible. (See Summary of Benefits below for more details.)
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My Medical Neighborhood Health Plan

  • Once you meet your deductible, you pay co-insurance, which is a percentage of your medical cost. The plan pays for the rest.
  • Your deductible counts toward your out-of-pocket maximum (the most you’ll pay in a given year for all covered expenses). Once you meet your out-of-pocket maximum (which includes your deductible), your plan pays covered expenses at 100%.

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Health Savings Account (HSA)


The Company contributions* to employee Health Savings Accounts remain the same in 2018.

$500 (if you contribute $250 or more) - Employee only
$800 (if you contribute $400 or more) - Employee + Spouse
$800 (if you contribute $400 or more) - Employee + Child(ren)
$1,100 (if you contribute $550 or more) - Employee + Family

  • You receive 50% of the Company funding in January. If you contribute equal to or greater than the 50% during 2018, the Company will match the additional 50%.
  • The federal contribution limit (including employer contribution) is Single:  $3,450; Family:  $6,900. If you are age 55+, you may contribute an additional annual catch-up contribution of $1,000.

*New Hires, New HSA participants and Qualifying life event participants, please see section below regarding HSA Company contributions.

New Hires
New hires may contribute to their HSA once they become benefit eligible. However, the employee will not receive any Company money during the first calendar year of participation.  In 2019, the employee will then be eligible to receive the initial 2019 Company money and the 2019 employer match (as long as the employee is contributing at the appropriate level to the 2019 HSA plan).

  • New Hire Example:  John Doe is hired Jan. 28, 2018. He may start contributing to the HSA plan once he is benefit eligible; however, during the 2018 calendar year he will not receive any company seed or match.  Starting with his first paycheck in 2019, he will receive the 2019 company seed. As long as the employee is contributing to HSA plan, he will receive a match per the terms of the 2019 HSA plan.

New HSA Participants and Qualifying Life Event Participants
New participants to the HSA in 2018 may contribute to their HSA. However, the employee will not receive any Company money during the first calendar year of participation.  In 2019, the employee will then be eligible to receive the initial 2019 Company money and the 2019 employer match (as long as the employee is contributing at the appropriate level to the 2019 HSA plan).  
Qualifying Life Events During the Year
If an HSA participant has a qualifying life event during the year and changes their HSA coverage (for example changes their HSA plan contribution from Employee Only to Employee + Spouse), they may continue to contribute and receive appropriate company match, however their initial employer seed money provided in January 2018 will not be modified.

HSA Details

HSA Bank administers your HSA account.  Any balance remaining in your HSA rolls over to the next year, and if you leave or retire from the Company, the money in your account goes with you.  It is never taxable if it is used for qualified medical expenses at any time in the future.

  • Contributions to your HSA are taken out of your paycheck before taxes – so the amount of taxes withheld are reduced.
  • You will receive an HSA Debit card which draws money directly from your HSA. Use your debit card to pay for services at the doctor’s office, at your local pharmacy, eyeglass retailer or other locations where you purchase medical-related items or services
  • The Company pays for the basic banking fees, and the employee is responsible for any additional fees.  Please see attached fee schedule for details.
  • Access your HSA online by visiting www.webtpa.com.

Things to Know About Your HSA

  • To receive the Company's HSA contribution, you must elect the Health Savings account (HSA) during the enrollment process.  
  • HSA Bank may request additional information from you in accordance with the USA Patriot Act. If you don't submit the requested information by the deadline indicated, your account will be closed. Click here for a sample letter and identification verification form to assist you with this process.
  • HSA Bank will mail your HSA debit card to a P.O. Box address however, a physical address is needed to keep the account open.
  • If you do not receive your HSA debit card in the mail, please contact HSA Bank.
  • See additional HSA resources to make the most of your HSA: pdf button How to use your HSA | pdf button HSA 101 | pdf button Navigating your HSA
  • For HSA Debit card disputes, please see HSA Fraud Protection document.

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Plan Documents and Resources

pdf button HSA My Medical Neighborhood Plan - Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC)

pdf button My Medical Neighborhood Plan - Summary Plan Description (SPD)

Additional Links and Information

pdf button WebTPA Claim Form

pdf button HSA Beneficiary Form

pdf button HSA Transfer/Rollover Form

pdf_button Medicare and You - Guide 

pdf_button Learn about YourChoice Advocate

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Contact the Benefits Service Center or WebTPA

For questions about your benefits including claims, eligibility, or to order an ID card contact

Benefits Service Center | 1-866-481-4922  OR

WebTPA | 844-380-4564 | Webtpa.com

Important Notes:

  • In Ala., Calif., and N.J., contributions are prior to federal taxes but after state income taxes. Employer contribution, earned interest and investment income are all taxable as gross income for state income tax purposes. 
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