Coping with Stress and Depression during the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time of year and brings a lot of extra things to do, buy, and plan for. All the holiday "extras" can bring on added stress or depression. But with some planning, being realistic and seeking support, you can help ward off stress and depression during this time of year.

Tips to Prevent Holiday Stress and Depression

It's much easier to prevent stress from happening rather than stop it once it's started.  Try some or all of these - especially if you are prone to stress or depression during the holidays.

  1. Recognize and Acknowledge Your Feelings -  If something is causing you to feel sad - either due to losing a loved one or not being able to be with family - it's normal to feel sadness or grief and give yourself time to cry or express your feelings.
  2. Reach Out - If you're feeling lonely, reach out to community, church or social events. Volunteering is also a good way to feel better by helping others.
  3. Be Realistic - The holidays don't have to be perfect. Be flexible with family traditions as things arise. As families change and grow so can the traditions your family has.
  4. Stick to a Budget - set a realistic food and gift budget ahead of time. Alternatives include: homemade gifts, donate to a charity in someone's name.
  5. Plan Ahead - Plan your menus and shopping lists and set aside specific days for shopping, baking or other activities.

For many other tips and to read the full article, please visit the Mayo Clinic's website here.

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