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Using your benefits to the fullest

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We always think about some things every year, such as holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. Life gets busy, and we don’t always think about or remember visiting our healthcare providers and getting age-appropriate preventive screenings. It’s been especially hard the last few years to put preventive care at the top of the list.

Whether or not you are on one of the Company health plans, you should prioritize annual health care. Preventive services like annual check-ups and well-woman visits are covered at 100% by health plans. 


Most of us make sure to get maintenance on our cars to make sure they keep running and get us where we need to go. Think of an annual check-up as maintenance on our overall well-being. A yearly check-up is your chance to connect with your healthcare provider about any health concerns you may have. It may also help you find out about health issues you didn’t even know you had. Not all health issues come with symptoms.

During your annual check-up, you and your healthcare provider should talk about any preventive screenings you should have, depending on your age. Most health plans cover preventive screenings at no extra cost to you.

Annual check-ups and preventive screenings can help you save money by finding health issues, risks, and concerns early.

Be sure to tell your healthcare providers about any family health history to know if you might be at risk for developing similar medical conditions.


Your dental health is part of our overall health and well-being. Regular dental cleanings and exams not only help find any oral health issues but can help detect some health conditions. In addition, you are doing preventive maintenance by getting regular exams, which can cost you less.

If you have dental benefits, ensure you take advantage of them by having cleanings and exams every six months. It might not seem like a big deal to skip one of those regular exams. But, without it, you are missing out on improving or maintaining your oral and overall health.  


Like your dental health, your eye health is part of your overall health and well-being. Your eyes do a lot for you—treat them back by getting an annual comprehensive eye exam. Eye exams not only check your vision it also helps detect any eye issues or problems early.

People often think their eyesight is fine, but your vision can change over time. Have you noticed any difficulty reading small print, or holding things a little further away to see it better, or even increasing the size of the text on your phone or computer? 

These are all signs you should schedule an eye exam. If you have vision benefits, make sure you have a yearly exam to keep your eyes healthy and vision clear.

Remember, all your healthcare providers are your partners in your health and your family & health. During your annual check-up visit, the focus is on your overall wellness and preventive care.

Don’t forget your family! Be the reminder for your spouse and children (if applicable) to focus on their health and well-being. Remember, if you have expenses associated with any health-related visits you can use your health savings account debit care or your healthcare flexible spending account debit card.

You may be behind on some of those preventive services. So, use your benefits to the fullest and schedule today if you haven’t already!