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En Espanol blue2023 Long-Term Disability

It's hard to imagine becoming disabled. But accidents and illnesses can happen to anyone. One in seven workers in the U.S. can expect to become disabled for five years or more prior to retirement. Electing Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage helps you protect your family financially if illness or injury keeps you from working.  LTD is “check insurance,” when your Short-Term Disability coverage runs out.  LTD provides you with partial income replacement for an extended period of time in the event your disability lasts longer than 90 days.

You may elect Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage at any time during the year without Evidence of Insurability (EOI), but pre-existing conditions apply.  Pre-Existing Conditions Limitations: benefits are based on various factors such as pre-existing conditions limitations, enrollment date in the program, life  events, etc.  See below for details.

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Plan Coverage

Because this is an insurance plan, One America must approve all LTD claims. No application is needed, once you file an STD claim, if LTD elected and approved, there is the automatic transition from STD to LTD.

The maximum length of time that disability benefits are payable depends on your age, pay status, type and duration of disability, and your ability to perform duties associated with your own job and eventually any job.  On your 91st day on disability, you will be COBRA eligible and a complete packet of information will automatically be sent to you. 

Long-term disability has moved to age-banded rates. To see your rate for 2023, please click here.


Pre-Existing Conditions Limitations

If you have a pre-existing condition, there is a 12-24 month exclusionary period (only for that condition) from the effective date of the LTD coverage.  No benefit will be paid for a disability that is due to, contributed to by, or the result of a pre-existing condition, unless:

  • The disability was not present or treated during the 12 months prior to the individual effective date or
  • You are 12 months treatment free from the individual effective date or
  • You have 24 months of continuous LTD coverage

Please note there is no restriction for any other sickness or injury.

Want more information about this?  See pre-existing condition examples or refer to the Summary Plan Description.

Filing a Long-Term Disability Claim

All claims will be handled by One America.  If at any time you anticipate that your disability may extend beyond 90 days, you should begin the process of filing a Long-Term Disability (LTD) claim close to your 60th day (approximately 8 weeks) of disability period.

pdf button Authorization for release of information form

pdf button Physician’s Return to Work Release

To initiate a Long-Term Disability claim, contact OneAmerica at 855-279-6375 and select option #2

Continuation of Coverage through COBRA
  • Please note that on the 90th day of disability, your Medical, Dental and Vision benefits will cancel, however you will be eligible to continue your benefits through COBRA.
  • If you elect COBRA coverage, you will pay the current active monthly COBRA rate for the first 9 months of your COBRA coverage.
  • Once you have been out of work for one year, if you wish to continue COBRA coverage, the standard COBRA rate of 102% of premium will apply.

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Plan Documents

pdf buttonLong Term Disability – Production Employees

pdf buttonLong Term Disability – Professional and Support Employees

pdf buttonLong Term Disability – Sales Employees

pdf buttonLong Term Disability – Over the Road Truck Drivers

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Long-Term Disability Contact - One America

One America Customer Service: 1-855-279-6375

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2018 Disability Claims

Long-term disability claims submitted for injury or illness with an original disability date in 2018 will continue to be handled by The Hartford.

General Inquiries 1-800-445-9057 | Check the Status of a Claim 1-866-945-4558 | Fax 1-866-411-5613 | | Policy Number: GLT - 674528"